I leave tomorrow to join some of my most favorite sexy boys up in Juneau, AK. 2 shows this Saturday! If you know anyone up in the northern Americas, let them know to come to this fabulous action! I haven’t been to Alaska in quite a few years! Can’t wait to see @chachakaboom ! #ModCarousel #Boylesque #Showgirl #GlitterBox #GutterQueen #SpreadTheGospel #BeautifulBoys #YesPlease #IngaIngenue
We met a man at #OCF that had a tattoo of a winged ass farting… ❤️ 💨 #Question
Got back from the fair late Monday night, woke up and was joined by the DuCaniveaux men for an 11 hour recording session Tues morning. Today Valentina sat in the booth with me, quiet as a lamb, while I recorded my vocals. That’s some serious stamina from everyone involved. I’m freakin amazed and grateful!! #GospelOfTheGutterQueen #SoClose #ducaniveaux #GutterPeople #NoRestTillNextJuly
River rattin with our gutter family #OCFbound
En route to my happy place. Oregon Country Fair is our magical, dirty naked hippie home away from home. Here I performed on stage for the first time, had my first kiss, had my first magical fungi night 😯🍄, experienced my first stay up all night and watch the sunrise…. As a group we miss solstice parade, pride parade and sometimes even the 4th, preparing our show. I can’t believe it’s time for this quest once again… I have been to many festivals and none have quite the magic of ocf, this will be my 28th year… Can’t wait to get Witchy and wild around the campfire and dance till dawn!!! Aaaaahhhh 8 shows in 3 days.. #OCFBound #DuCaniveaux #GutterPeople #RoyalFamilyOfTheGutter #OregonCountryFair
Group shot #2… @ughohmikeyoh is lucky to have us 😎 #YouBetterWerkBatch
The happiest birthday day for the batchiest boy I know… @ughohmikeyoh … this crew though
Happy summer everyone!
A shot of my ladies from last weeks show. Only 2 more chances to see #KittyCatClub with the Heavenly Spies. Tonight at 9:30 is one of them. Can can cabaret! Another of my home away from homes 😻❤️💔❤️😻
Thank god for my daddy, smiling through all of my weird and wild choices. I don’t know how I got so lucky. You couldn’t ask for a better dad, friend and comrade. I love you more than all the stars
One thing you may not know about @clairemontana is that she was once a part of a cult called the #LettucePeople… #NonGMO #HellaOrganic #ThatsWhatYouGetForIgnoringTexts

What a Way to Go! (1964)

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Yes Please! All of this

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Save us from the #ChemTrails wonder girl!
@basofibonacci is such a #Boss