Witchy preparation for tonight’s show at SANCA school of circus arts. Tickets available at the door, 10:30 we begin… Circus tramps galore! #WitchyLady #TheDevilMadeMeDoIt  (at Sanca Seattle)
This is my great aunt Mary Gallagher, on the Bailey side. She is the last remaining sibling of 13.  She resides just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. She is the reason we had our yard sale. Her health has been on the fence for a while. We haven’t been able to figure out how we could afford, as a family, to get over there to see her. Because of everyone who came out and bought some crazy things, we made enough $ to fly both my mom and I to Scotland. So thank you thank you! It was a huge success and worth every hour baking in the sun! We are buying our tickets today! ❤️✈️
Trying to work these long nights, long nights to get a payday #WheresTheShadeAndTheVacay? #GospelOfTheGutterQueen #IfItKillsUs
A very satisfied lil customer yesterday ❤️ we are at in again today 10-4. We sold many things but still have quite a bit of treasures and beautiful actions. 44th and Juneau in West Seattle. Thanks to the many friends who came by yesterday. It was exhausting and absolutely successful!
Happening! 44th and Juneau in west Seattle. Open today until 5, tomorrow 10-4! VonTramp Garage sale of LOVE!  (at 4402 SW Juneau St)
Notice the mailbox #DontShoot #PeaceNow #RevolutionNow #Ferguson #GivePeaceAChance #PoliceAccountability #TalkAboutIt #SeeSomethingSaySomething
This weekend! We seriously are selling so much cool shit. All sizes. All flavors. #RacksOnRacks #Vintage #WestSeattle #GarageSale #YardSale #Costumes #Burlesque #Fur #BurningMan #Lingerie #Suits #Shoes #Hats #Purses #Summer #VonTramps #Mens #Womens
Gettin ready to rock this second show! @thetripledoor #TheSenate #ShowBoaters #TheBoysAndI #TippinOnTheTightrope
Hey @creepinbeauty don’t worry about us… We left in style ❤️
Yesterday was the most magical of days celebrating the birth of @creepinbeauty …. Then i spent the evening getting ready to perform TONIGHT at the
#TripleDoor with my long time friends from ‘The Senate’. I think the 7pm show is sold out but there are still tickets to the 10pm show, and a free ticket to someone who wants to come down and capture it all on film 😉 I’ll buy you a drank 💋 hint- I am covering a #JanelleMonae song
Save the date!!  Happy Birthday Mary Jane!! 😍👰💍💎💗💋💌💘
If only I could re- live last night 100x #KingB #QueenJ
Up bright and early, heading home. Feeling grateful to these show ponies for bringing me on this beautiful and crazy lil adventure. Thank you @modcarousel ! And thanks to all the folks in Juneau that showed us so much love and such a killer time ❤️ (at U.S.A. Juneau, Alaska)
Ended this trip in the most magical of circumstances  (at U.S.A. Juneau, Alaska)
Babies first glacier 🌎 (at Mendenhall Glacier)