The wonders of our glorious earth
Gettin ready to head home, checkin back over some of my favorite moments from this trip. The western most tip of Europe, the coast of Dingle.
Mrs. Sutherland and I laying over the edge of the cliffs of Moher. Looking down about 400-500ft down (at Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland)
Thinking of @clairemontana …. Also just entered County Clare ❤️ (at Doolin Co. Clare, Ireland)
Ireland made me feel right at home… @quinlanwheeler #Fffiiiiiasssshhh
Proof of the good godly holy force
Dippin and dodgin in dingle 💧
Ah the seas are rough here in Dingle tonight! Apparently we are in for a level yellow storm. The winds are high and lights are low. But it doesn’t rain in the pubs, sooo….  (at Dingle Marina)
My pops has a serious condition we like to call, zeecrackoftheass. It’s been an ongoing problem.  I told him it’s about time to get help and he should get someone to look at it… he took my advice… 🌝🌚🌘🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌝 (at Dingle Town, County Kerry Ireland.)
This here is the wet horse that carried us up to the waterfall (at Muckross House)
We almost didn’t make it to this waterfall because it was 2km away and we had already walked forever, not to mention it was starting to seriously rain. A lovely woman saw us about to abandon ship and said “I have lived just up the road for 25 years and have never seen that waterfall, I am going to get a horse and buggy. I want your family to come with us”. We couldn’t refuse and went up to this incredibly majestic site with its gold water! Freakin awesome. I think we have made a friend for life! (at Killarney National Park, Ireland)
I’m enjoying thinking of my mummy and daddy as Mr. Darcy and Lizzy.  “Oh darling shall we take a stroll around the gaaardens” (at Killarney National Park, Ireland)
One of my favorite things in life is exploring a castle! Even better when they are unregulated and you can climb through all the secret passage ways and up and down all the eroding and creepy stair cases.  (at Ross Castle Killarney)
Rode hard and put away wet #MyKindaWoman (at Killarney National Park, Ireland)
This is a Yew tree, planted in the very center and growing up through the castle.  (at Ross Castle Killarney)