Group shot #2… @ughohmikeyoh is lucky to have us 😎 #YouBetterWerkBatch
The happiest birthday day for the batchiest boy I know… @ughohmikeyoh … this crew though
Happy summer everyone!
A shot of my ladies from last weeks show. Only 2 more chances to see #KittyCatClub with the Heavenly Spies. Tonight at 9:30 is one of them. Can can cabaret! Another of my home away from homes 😻❤️💔❤️😻
Thank god for my daddy, smiling through all of my weird and wild choices. I don’t know how I got so lucky. You couldn’t ask for a better dad, friend and comrade. I love you more than all the stars
One thing you may not know about @clairemontana is that she was once a part of a cult called the #LettucePeople… #NonGMO #HellaOrganic #ThatsWhatYouGetForIgnoringTexts

What a Way to Go! (1964)

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Yes Please! All of this

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Save us from the #ChemTrails wonder girl!
@basofibonacci is such a #Boss
Last night I went from tree climbing, sap covered, dirty lil birdy, to a faux fancy lady in a matter of moments. So thankful god invented lipstick so I could make it to @promqueenmusic video release party! Photo and photoshop job courtesy of Jo David and Marlowe, one of Seattles Finest and fanciest couples #MidnightVeil
Von tramp family portrait! Celebrating the one and only Queen Cathy’s birthday yesterday on the beaches of PT ☀️👑🎀💖🍭🍉🎂🍰🎉🎊💝🎈🎁
My camping companion 😎
Late last night flash mobbin with @nazyjeff
I’m mad as a hatter, but what does it matter? It’s only showbiz after all! A pain in my bladder, from liquor and laughter, we’re dancing and having a ball. But were going insane, and drinking champagne and losing our marbles again. But UNTIL THE END, I lOVE YOU MY FRIENDS… I’ll COME VISIT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS…. And we’ll trip the lights fantastic, and we’ll dance across the bar. With a sling made from elastic, we will shoot a hole in Mars… And we will never be the same again, but that’s ok with us, cause we were getting bored of what we used to be— Schmootzi The Clod…………………. Thank you forever @josephnix  and @weirdocult  for painting this beautiful mural… Had a little cry tonight, missing my craziest friends of all